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Performance Management System & Resources

The annual evaluation process, encompassing best practices will help us better understand and sustain the work staff employees undertake in support of Loyola’s mission. This process is to address professional development, job performance expectations, and keep the performance management system up to date.

Below you will find information about the overall employee evaluation process along with resources to help both employees and managers collaborate and achieve their goals.

General Information about Performance Management

The Performance Management Policy 6-1 is available for review at this link.

Evaluations are due by June 30th each year. If a staff member or supervisor works a 10-month schedule, evaluations are due before you leave for the summer.

Overview of the Performance Management System in NeoGov

Loyola Cura Personalis Expectations in the Workplace

Employee Introduction Video

Manager Training Video

Employee Self-Evaluation Form

This employee form will help supervisors better understand the successes and challenges of employees and foster open communication within departments. Used for Introductory/Probationary Period and Annual Evaluations.

Manager's Employee Evaluation Form & Resources

This form will make the evaluation process easier for both managers and employees to understand performance expectations utilizing university standards and best practices. Used for Introductory/Probationary Period and Annual Evaluations.


Core Competencies Rating Scales for Employee Evaluations - These ratings scales will help ensure consistent definititions and expectations are being utilized across the university. They can also be accessed directly from the form by clicking on Ratings Scale next to each of the following sections.

Performance Evaluation Resources


Supplemental Evaluation Form & information for Supervisor and Manager evaluations

This form will support more in-depth evaluation and support of those employees in supervisory roles. Used for Introductory/Probationary Period and Annual Evaluations.


Should employees or supervisors need any assistance with this process please contact Human Resources at 504-864-7757.