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Federal Perkins Loan

The Federal Perkins Student loan program is a campus-based loan program, which means Loyola is the lender. And although Loyola is the lender, we have contracted with Heartland ECSI to assist us in servicing our Perkins loans.

This is a federal loan therefore it is governed by federal regulations set by the Department of Education. Note: As of September 2017, schools are no longer authorized to make new Perkins Loans. The last disbursement of these final loans occurred in June 2018.

Heartland ECSI

We have contracted with Heartland ECSI to bill and collect our Perkins Student Loans and Nurse Faculty Loans. Borrowers are encouraged to log into their ECSI account to complete online exit counseling, view their current balance, and make payments, apply for deferments and cancellations. ECSI should also be notified of all changes in borrower address, phone, email, and name.


Questions concerning the repayment of your Federal Perkins Student Loan or Nurse Faculty Loan can be answered by Heartland ECSI or you may contact Tracy McLendon, Accounts Receivable and Perkins Loan Manager.

Perkins Loan Contact Information:

Heartland ECSI

Web Site:
To speak with a customer service advocate, call toll-free at 888-549-3274,
Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM EST.
Or you can reach ECSI via Live Chat on their website

Tracy McLendon