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Workers’ Compensation Procedure

If you or one of your employees is hurt in a work-related injury, here are your next steps. Please remember that work-related injuries can occur on or off campus.

If this is a severe injury, seek medical treatment immediately. Otherwise, please review the following steps:

  1. Contact me at (504) 865-3141 or (504) 723-7870.

  2. The injured employee and supervisor each will complete an accident report. Both reports can be found at Worker's Compensation Forms | Worker's Compensation Forms (

  3. Once submitted, the reports are sent to me so I can set up the claim and coordinate the initial medical treatment. We prefer to use Concentra occupational medical clinic.

  4. See the healthcare provider.

  5. Follow up medical appointments, treatments and physical therapy appointments must be approved by your adjuster.

  6. Follow up medical appointments, treatments and physical therapy appointments should be scheduled after normal business hours. If not, they should be scheduled at the beginning/end of your normal work day.

  7. The employee will forward all paperwork from follow up appointments to me at including any bills that may be received.

  8. Get well soon.

For more questions regarding Workers’ Compensation, call me or review our policy at Worker’s Compensation | Loyola University New Orleans (

Stay safe!

John Cain
Director of Risk Management