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Vehicle Safety

Policy No.: 8-5 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Vehicle Safety

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff
Revised: 04/03/24



Loyola University New Orleans’ vehicle use policy has been established to provide information and guidelines to all Loyola employees regarding their responsibilities for the safe operation of vehicles on University business. This document includes instructions and procedures for driving, renting, and leasing University vehicles.

Loyola is committed to providing a safe environment for Loyola's students, staff, faculty and visitors. This information is a summary of the complete policy published on the Risk Management website. Please contact the Risk Management Office for additional information, questions, and clarifications.


Driver requirements

Those authorized to drive a vehicle on university business will possess a valid driver's license, preferably from the State of Louisiana. They will be conscientious and courteous drivers. They will be cautious and will understand the importance of driving safely. They will conduct themselves as representatives of Loyola and will honestly report any accident or damage that may occur involving a vehicle under their care and control. They will be evaluated on an on-going basis to assure they maintain a safe driving record.

Driver authorization

No one is permitted to drive a University vehicle or any other vehicle on University business without authorization. Authorization to drive a vehicle may be obtained by submitting a completed Driver Authorization Application to the Risk Management Office. The driver and their supervisor must sign this form. A copy of the applicant's driver's license must also be included.
Approval is granted for one calendar year, after which time the driver may be removed from approved drivers’ database. Renewal of driving privileges is not automatic, however most permanent employees will be renewed each year. MVR reports will be obtained and reviewed for renewed drivers at random.

Supervisor's Responsibility

It is essential for those faculty and staff members who are charged with supervising employee drivers to take an active role in assuring the safe operation of motor vehicles on official business. Supervisors are in the best position to observe and correct inappropriate or unsafe behavior. Any report of unsafe operation of a vehicle received by the Risk Management Office will be communicated directly to the supervisor, department head or vice president of the area involved. Supervisors should be aware of all trips taken and driving assignments made.

Supervisors are also responsible for assuring that driver authorization forms are completed properly and signed and for completing and reporting accidents.

Personal vehicles used for university business

Personal vehicles may be used on University business ONLY with the permission of the employee’s department head and proper authorization from Risk Management.

When using a personal vehicle for University business, the owner of the vehicle must carry automobile liability insurance. The owner's automobile liability insurance coverage is the primary coverage. There is no physical damage coverage through the University on a personal vehicle. The employee is responsible for the deductible portion of the personal collision coverage and is responsible for any increased personal automobile

Safety Issues

  • Alcohol and Drug Use
    No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or controlled substances are to be used or consumed by the driver or any passenger at any time while in possession of University-owned, leased, or rented vehicles, including personal vehicles used on University business.
  • Seat Belt Use
    Use of seat belts is required for all persons occupying the vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all persons are properly secured before the vehicle is put in motion.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted in University-owned, leased, or rented vehicles.
  • Hazardous Materials
    Hazardous materials should not be transported in University-owned, leased, or rented vehicles unless approved by the Risk Management Office in advance.
  • Traffic Laws
    The driver is required to obey all state and federal traffic laws pertaining to the safe operation of a vehicle. The driver is personally liable for any fines, traffic or parking violations received. All moving violations must be reported to Risk Management by the driver.
  • Driver Training
    Drivers may be required to view a driver safety video and/or complete driver training before being permitted to drive.

Safe Operation

All authorized drivers are expected to operate vehicles safely and with great care. Especially when transporting passengers, the driver must make a concerted effort to provide for the safety and well being of those aboard. When weather conditions and road hazards require special attention, ask your passengers to help you by being quiet and observant.

If a driver is found to have committed any unsafe acts while driving, disciplinary action and additional training may be initiated. Intentional reckless or unsafe driving could result in additional disciplinary action including but not limited to loss of driving privileges for one year.

Accident Procedure

Each on-campus accident, however minor, must be reported to University Police (ext. 3434) immediately. Each off-campus accident must be reported to the police as soon as it occurs. University Police may be called for assistance. In all cases, however, each accident must be reported to the Risk Management Office (ext. 3141) within 24 hours.

Each accident, however minor, must be recorded by the completion of the Report of Accident form at the scene of the accident. This form should be located in the glove box of every Loyola-owned vehicle. The completed form is to be sent or taken to Risk Management, Box 11, 310 Marquette Hall.