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Extended Sick Leave

Policy No.: 4-5 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Extended Sick Leave

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff
Revised: 08/01/2022   Faculty


To supplement the sick leave program that covers occasional personal or family illness, Loyola University New Orleans provides Extended Sick Leave for employees with a personal illness or disability that extends beyond 10 consecutive working days and who do not have enough paid leave (sick or vacation) to cover the absence. Extended Sick Leave is available to all full-time regular employees with at least six months of service at the time of the leave.

For extended absences due to personal illness or disability, employees must first exhaust all sick and vacation leave. An employee who exhausts his/her sick leave and vacation and has been absent at least 10 consecutive working days will be paid at 60% of base salary until LTD eligibility date (90 calendar days).

For the purposes of this policy, a disability is any non-job-related illness or injury or medical condition, either physical or mental, including pregnancy and childbirth, that prevents the employee from doing his/her regular work. Extended Sick Leave benefits are not paid in conjunction with Worker’s Compensation.

Employees do not earn sick leave and vacation will be prorated upon an employee’s return from Extended Sick Leave. Holidays falling during the Extended Sick Leave period will be paid at the ESL rate of 60%.


Employees applying for Extended Sick Leave must submit to Human Resources a physician’s statement verifying nature and duration of expected illness or disability, and additional verifications on a reasonable basis during the leave. Any medical records submitted will be maintained in the employee’s separate benefits file and not in the Personnel File.

Time sheet for Extended Sick Leave absence should be coded ESL 114 on the time card. Extended Sick Leave is not charged to the department’s salary budget.

Extended Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave for personal illnesses will run concurrently for events qualifying under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Employees who abuse University leave policies and procedures may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.