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Staff Ombudsman

The purpose of the staff ombudsman’s position is to promote orderly resolution of work-related conflicts where an employee wishes to raise a dispute with his/her manager, another department, or the university or to appeal a disciplinary decision. It emphasizes early identification and resolution with fair consideration of all sides of a conflict. All staff employees have access to this process.

The ombudsman assists staff members in handling conflicts, particularly when it involves a supervisor. The ombudsman may assist the employee in clarifying an issue or in resolving a conflict with a supervisor, but does not represent or act in place of the employee.

The Ombudsman may attend a meeting with the employee at Step Three but is not required to do so for the meeting to take place. The role of the Ombudsman at Step Three is to provide support and advice to the employee. He/she cannot act as a representative and/or speak for the employee.

The University Ombudsman is not involved in a Formal Grievance process outlined in Policy 5-12 or in the Discrimination and Harassment Complaint procedure outlined in Policy 5-13.

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This position is appointed by the University President. The Staff Ombudsman's contact information is:

Kathy Gross
Director of Registration Services
Office: TH 204
Phone: (504) 865-3239