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Policy No.: 2-21 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Reinstatement

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff
Revised: 08/01/08   Faculty


Loyola University New Orleans may, at the University’s discretion, reinstate an employee who resigned, (or who’s employment was terminated), and returns within six months. In these cases, the employee will retain his/her original employment date and length-of-service for benefit and leave purposes. The employee will also retain any unused sick leave balance that existed at the time of termination. Reinstatement may be at the same or a different position and/or salary. An employee who terminates and withdraws funds from the University’s mandatory retirement plan during the time he/she is not employed with Loyola will be readmitted into the plan upon rehire.


Supervisors wishing to hire an employee who terminated employment with Loyola in the previous six months must obtain approval from their Vice President. Hiring PNF should indicate “reinstatement” so that the employee’s hire date will be adjusted and benefits reinstated.

The reinstated employee’s welfare benefits (medical, dental, life, etc.) will be subject to the same waiting period as a new employee which is the first of the month following hire.