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Department Transfers

There are occasions when departments are required to transfer funds from one department to another. Some transfers are for expenses that one department incurs but are the responsibility of another department. These transfers are requests for reclassification of receipts or disbursements. Transfers of this type are indicated by a transaction code of 060 on FRS screen 023. The effect of reclassification of receipts or disbursements on account balances is to increase account balances with a credit entry and decrease account balances with a debit entry.

There are other occasions when it is necessary to transfer budget dollars from one department to another or even from one sub-code to another. These transfers are requests for budget reallocation. Transfers of this type are indicated by a transaction code of 022 on FRS screen 023. The effect of budget reallocations on budget balances is to increase budget balances with a debit entry and decrease budget balances with a credit entry. Transfer requests can be submitted to the Financial Affairs department via e-mail, memorandum, or through an online transfer request.

Instructions for Online Transfer Form

To submit an online transfer request fill in the required information and press submit. You will receive a confirmation notice after the request has been submitted.

If copies of the transfer should be sent to additional individuals please include these email addresses in the “CC” line. Any email addresses included here will receive a copy of the submitted request.

If the transfer request needs additional approval for processing, please include the email addresses of these individuals in the “Approval” section. The transfer request will then be forwarded to those email addresses with a request for approval. These transfer requests will not be processed until the approval notification form is returned from the individual possessing signing authority over the account.

Please make sure that online submissions are first passed through the proper authorization channels before sending them to the Financial Affairs office. Transfer requests will be honored only when received from individuals with proper signing authority over accounts.

The following is a list of the most commonly used sub-codes:

3019/4019 Honoraria
3020/4020 Instructional Supplies
3022/4022 Computer Software
3030/4030 Office Supplies
3033/4033 Repairs
3042/4042 Postage
3045/4045 Periodicals
3070/4070 Miscellaneous
3077/4077 Reproduction
3079/4079 Memberships/Dues
3080/4080 Professional Fees
3089/4089 Legal Fees
3090/4090 Conference Registration/T & E
3092/4092 Airfare/Rail Fees
3721/4721 Instructional Lab Equipment