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Entertainment and Gifts

Policy No.: 4-23 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: Entertainment and Gifts

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff
Revised: 05/01/2012



Loyola University New Orleans recognizes that social activities play a role in building a community that is essential for a healthy organization. Loyola provides University-sponsored social activities and gifts for designated occasions and celebrations. Any other entertainment of employees or students or gifts for employees or students should be handled according to the guidelines in this policy.

Entertainment of University Employees

The University strongly discourages the entertainment of University employees or students using University funds. When in rare and unusual circumstances it is in the University’s best interest that University business be conducted during a meal time in which the cost of the meal of the employee is borne by the University, written documentation must be attached to the Reimbursement Request outlining the nature of the business discussed and why it was necessary to conduct business during the meal hour. The use of “upscale” restaurants for this purpose is not permitted.

This policy specifically prohibits University-paid entertainment of employees for such events as Administrative Professionals Day, birthdays, employment anniversaries, employee termination, etc.


Each divisional Vice President will have the authority to approve parties within the division, supported by University funds if available, which contribute to the mission of the unit. The University’s Accounting Department will review all expenditures and will have the responsibility to forward to the President for review any requests for reimbursement that appear unusual or excessive.


Departments may elect to send flowers to a hospitalized employee or on the death of an employee or member of the employee’s immediate family. University policy strongly discourages the purchase of other gifts for University employees or students, including but not limited to, gift baskets, gift cards or any items purchased for recognition of service, birthdays, holidays, service anniversaries, Administrative Professionals Day, or termination of employment. However, in accordance with the IRS regulations, any tangible gift item(s) with an aggregate value of more than $25, and all gift cards and/or gift certificates, regardless of dollar amount, are considered taxable and will be included as income in the recipients Form W-2.