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Fringe Benefit Committee

About the committee

Classification: President’s Advisory Committee

Reports to: University President, University Senate and the Administrative Senate

Purpose: The Fringe Benefits Committee shall function in an advisory capacity to the University President, Director of Human Resources and the Manager of Benefits and Payroll. As necessary, the Fringe Benefits Committee will convene to provide input and feedback relating to University sponsored employee benefit plans, including vendor service delivery, benefit offerings and programs of interest to the faculty and staff.

The Committee may also form sub-teams to assist in specialized considerations that may require certain specific skills or expertise that resides within individual committee members or through individuals outside of the committee membership.


Primary Members: 6 full-time faculty members
5 full-time staff members
Director of Human Resources (ex officio)
Supporting Members: Vice President of Finance and Administration (ex Officio)
Manager of Benefits and Payroll (ex officio)

The committee shall have the following basic objectives:

  1. Convene as requested to review vendor presentations, benefits plans and related service and administrative issues.
  2. Serve as a sounding board for procedures under consideration.
  3. Support informational and educational efforts which aid University faculty, staff and administration in understanding and utilizing the benefits available to them.
  4. Facilitate communication among faculty, staff and administrators about benefits.
  5. Understand marketplace trends, University budget parameters and to provide input on priorities for structuring plans and programs.
  6. Promote uniformity of benefit programs among University units.

Time Commitment

Time commitment will vary depending on issues affecting Employee Benefit programs. Meetings will begin in the Fall of each year to review pertinent information affecting upcoming ‘open’ enrollment. Otherwise, meetings will occur quarterly and more frequently as needed.


Much of the committee communication will be through e-mail.

Terms of service

Faculty and Staff Members serve one year terms (renewable).

Means of Appointment:

  • Faculty representatives are elected by the University Senate.
  • Staff representatives are elected by the Staff Senate.

Alternates: none

Chairperson: The Director of Human Resources shall serve as Chair of the Committee.

Role of Consultant(s):

  • To provide subject matter expertise regarding benefits including plan design, market trends, employer trends, legal and tax updates, etc.
  • To solicit bids from carriers and negotiate with carriers on Loyola’s behalf
  • To assist with contract negotiation or contract changes
  • To provide and offer interpretation of statistical reports regarding Loyola’s benefits plans
  • To assist with needs assessment including comparison studies and employee surveys
  • To provide the committee with comparative analysis of plan and benefits programs for the AJCU colleges and the University’s general reference group.
  • To provide advice regarding market place trends and recommended actions to achieve University objectives

Meeting Minutes

To find out more about the latest topics reviewed by the Fringe Benefits Committee, explore the committee meeting minutes through the University intranet link below. Your Loyola user name and password are needed to access the intranet page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Human Resources at