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Third Party Sponsor Billing

Third Party Billing is a program offered to students when a company, government, or governmental agency is paying for any portion of tuition and/or fees for students they sponsor. Third Party billing is unique in that the outside organization/company requires a bill from the University before remitting payment. The third-party payer must submit a letter of authorization or tuition assistance voucher on official letterhead in order to receive a bill from the University. All correspondence should be sent via one of the following:

Mail Authorizations to:
Loyola University New Orleans
Financial Affairs
6363 St Charles Ave Box 11
New Orleans, LA 70118

Email Authorizations to:
Tracy McLendon

Conditional Credit

Upon receipt of a valid Authorization, we will apply a conditional credit to the student's account. The student’s organization/company will be issued a bill after the end of each semester’s add/drop period. Students whose organization/company has not authorized full payment of all tuition and fees are responsible for paying the remaining charges by the billing due date.

Any student whose organization/company fails to pay the authorized charges will have their conditional credit reversed and will be responsible for the payment of the unpaid charges. A financial hold may be placed on students’ accounts until the balance is paid in full. Students are encouraged to remain in contact with their organization/company until the terms of the authorization are met.