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University Strategic Goal

Policy No.: 1-3 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: University Strategic Goal

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04  

Exempt staff
Revised:     Faculty


Loyola University New Orleans, a Jesuit and Catholic institution of higher education, welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and prepares them to lead meaningful lives with and for others, to pursue truth, wisdom, and virtue, and to work for a more just world. Inspired by Ignatius of Loyola’s vision of finding God in all things, the university is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, while also offering opportunities for professional studies in undergraduate and selected graduate programs. Through teaching, research, creative activities, and service, the faculty, in cooperation with the staff, strives to educate the whole student and to serve the larger community. In order to fulfill this commitment, the University community organizes its efforts under the following Ongoing Institutional Objectives:

I. Institutional Character: Loyola honors its traditions as a Jesuit and Catholic comprehensive university that is committed to the education of the whole person. In elaborating the relevance of those traditions to contemporary life, the University is dedicated to scholarship, learning, service, and justice. In preparing students for lives of action guided by the principles embodied in its traditions, Loyola takes a leadership role in defining Catholic and Jesuit higher education in the nation in the twenty-first century.

II. Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Resource Allocation: The University seeks to be regarded nationally as an institution distinguished by its high standards of education and scholarship, and its commitment to service and justice. The University has established integrated processes of effective planning and assessment that facilitate the accomplishment of Loyola’s goals and promote the preeminence of the institution. The allocation of human, physical, and financial resources is guided by Loyola’s stated mission and goals, and the institution’s planning and assessment processes.

III. Educational and Co-Curricular Experience: Building upon a foundation in the liberal arts, the educational experience at Loyola offers rigorous undergraduate and graduate studies in academic and professional disciplines, both on-campus and off-campus to a diverse student body. The educational experience embraces activities both inside and outside the classroom through concerted efforts of the faculty and staff to meet the intellectual, developmental, physical, and spiritual needs of the individual student. The faculty, through their responsibilities for teaching, advising, scholarship, and service, offers students a challenging and critical education. Graduates of Loyola University are distinguished by their preparation to confront complex ethical and social issues as mature citizens and leaders.

IV. Student Centeredness and the General Quality of Student Life and Learning: Members of the university community in their various capacities work to enrich the education of Loyola students through the services and support they provide and the guidance they offer. Recognizing that the responsibility of the faculty and staff is always to students and that student success is the primary indicator of institutional effectiveness, the University seeks to ensure that the results of the vision, talents, and efforts of the university community exceed students’ expectations.