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University Identification Card

Policy No.: 4-20 This policy applies to:
Policy Name: University Identification Card

Non-exempt staff
Effective Date: 08/01/04

Exempt staff
Revised: 9/16/2013



Loyola University New Orleans Parking Services/Express Card will issue official photo identification (Express Card) to all employed full-time and part-time faculty and staff members of the University as well as Pro Bono Faculty.

The Express Card serves as personal identification and provides access to many campus services. Faculty and Staff must present their Express Card for use of the University’s library services, Sports Complex (family membership is available), and intercollegiate athletic events on campus. Card holders may establish a Debit account to purchase food and drinks from food service outlets or items from the University Bookstore.

Faculty and Staff receive a 10% discount at the University Bookstore during the regular semester except for the following: textbooks, software and sale items.

The Express Card is to be presented when University Police personnel ask for identification.


All new faculty and staff will receive an Express Card in Parking Services/Express Card located in Biever Hall after the new-hire process has been completed. The Express Card displays a color photo of the faculty or staff member, their status as “Faculty”, “Pro Bono Faculty”, or “Staff" and their full name.

Upon separation from the University, the Express Card should be returned to Parking Services. The supervisor should collect the card as part of the Termination Checklist. Any balance of funds on the card will be refunded by the Bursar’s Office upon request.