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Preparing Deposits

Download Restricted / Agency Departmental Deposit Form (.pdf)

Download Departmental Deposit Form (.pdf)

The Bursar’s Office is the official depository for all University funds. All campus departments collecting funds on behalf of Loyola University New Orleans must submit these funds immediately to the Bursar’s Office for deposit. Departmental deposits are accepted in the Bursar’s Office Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. For questions on how to prepare a deposit or its processing, please call the Bursar’s Office at (504) 865 – 2388.

Please use the guidelines below in preparation for your deposit to the Bursar’s Office.


  1. Arrange all checks in the same direction.
  2. Ensure that all checks are payable to Loyola University New Orleans.
  3. Write department name and FRS account number on the back of checks.
  4. Provide calculator tape totaling all checks and remit with a deposit to Bursar's Office.
  5. Do not include cash on check tapes or in check totals.
  6. If you have a Foreign Check - please contact the Bursar's Office for instructions.


  1. Sort all cash according to denominations.
  2. Arrange all bills in the same direction and flatten.
  3. Provide calculator tape totaling all cash and remit with a deposit to Bursar's Office.
  4. Please complete the Cash Verification section on the Departmental Deposit form with cash totals.
  5. Do not include checks on cash tape or in cash totals.


  1. Place all coins in coin envelopes with the total marked on the outside.
  2. For large amounts of coin, separate coins by denomination and place them into as many envelopes as needed, labeling each with the denomination and amount.
  3. Please do not wrap coins in coin wrappers.
  4. The Bursar’s Office will provide coin envelopes upon request.

Special Notes:

  • Departmental Deposits are accepted Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • Cashiers will not accept deposits if the department does not provide totals to Cashiers.
  • Make certain cash is not included on check tapes or in check totals.
  • If you receive any Foreign Checks, please contact the Bursar’s Office immediately for special processing.
  • Deposits must be hand-delivered to the Bursar’s Office. Please DO NOT send deposits through campus mail.
  • During peak times in the semester, please drop off deposits with Bursar staff and receipts will be mailed to your department.