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Petty Cash Reimbursements

Download the Petty Cash Reimbursement Form (.pdf)

Instructions for Petty Cash Reimbursements

  1. The Petty Cash Reimbursement form must be approved by a Dean, Department Head or Vice-President. An original signature is required on the Petty Cash form.
  2. Purchases are the responsibility of the person buying the goods. The university is NOT responsible to the vendor.  This is a reimbursement form only.
  3. Copies of the receipts and the Petty Cash Reimbursement form must be retained by the submitting department.
  4. Original itemized register receipts (invoices, register receipts, credit card sales slips) must be submitted. Copies of these receipts will not be accepted. Receipts over sixty days will not be processed by a Petty Cash Reimbursement. 
  5. Reimbursement is limited to $200.00 per transaction and is available in the Bursar’s Office between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM. Please DO NOT MAIL Petty Cash Reimbursements.  All reimbursements must be processed in the Bursar's Office with the individual requesting the reimbursement.
  6. Reimbursement for "10" - "12" - "40" - "72" accounts can be submitted for Petty Cash; however, funding must be available in general ledger account.
  7. The use of the corresponding 5xxxx object code is required for use with "10" - "12" - "40" - "72" accounts.
  8. For business meals only, all names of individuals present MUST be provided on the reimbursement form.
  9. For food purchased for large gatherings (greater than 10 people), individual names will NOT need to be listed.
  10. Listed below are the object codes available through petty cash reimbursement.
Object Codes Description
     51002 Instructional Supplies (Excludes Office Supplies)
     51011 Postage
     53003 Out of Town Business Meals
     53005 Travel Mileage
     53006 Travel Incidentals (Parking, tolls, etc.)
     53101 Food and Beverage Supplies (Receptions and Events Only)
     53104 Non Travel Business Meals
     54101 Auto Expenses (Oil changes, tires, inspections, etc.)
    54108 Print / Printer Services
    59008 Membership Dues / Subscriptions