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Copy Accounts

Photocopies can be made in the university's libraries or with other copy machines located on campus by utilizing the student copy account. Copies can be made in black and white as well as in color (prices vary). Students can log into the copiers by using their user names and password. A student's username is the first part of the Loyola email address and the password is set as the first two letters of the student's first name and the last four (4) numbers of the student's social security number.

The student copy account balance is displayed on the copier at each login. Funds will remain on the copy account until all money has been spent. Accounts remain active for registered students; however, accounts that are inactive for more than six (6) months will be closed and any remaining balance on the student's copy account is forfeited.

Copy Prices

Black and white copies are .05¢ per page.
Color copies are .20¢ per page.

Loyola University New Orleans students may add value to their copy account with a Visa or MasterCard. Please use the Copy Account Storefront to purchase copy funds. Once you complete the form, the Bursar's Office will receive your request and add the value to your copy account. Vouchers can only be purchased during normal business hours of 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Vouchers are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable.

Please call the Bursar's Office directly for assistance or additional information.  Our office number is  (504) 865-2388.