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Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Commerce System

Below you will find some helpful information regarding your tuition statement, paperless billing, payment methods, adding authorized users and creating your e-Refund profile.

Viewing Current and Prior Billing Statements

  • Select e-Bills tab within the e-Commerce System
  • Your most recent billing statement will be displayed
  • Use the View Statement drop down menu to select a prior billing statement
  • You have the option to Print This Statement
  • You can also click on the Recent Account Activity tab to view new charges and credits that have been posted since your most recent billing statement
  • Here you can also select different terms to view charges and credits for a particular term

Paperless Billing

  • Loyola is Green!  We will no longer issue paper billing statements  
  • Email notifications will be sent to the student and their Authorized Users whenever a new billing statement is available
  • Students are still responsible for making payment within the University payment timelines

Full payment is due before classes start unless other arrangements have been made. Accounts still not paid by the due date will be placed in a past-due status. Please review our semester payment timelines.

Storing an e-Check Payment Method

  • Select the Payments tab within the e-Commerce System
  • The amount due on your most recent billing statement will be displayed
  • The current balance will be displayed and will include any new activity since your most recent billing statement
  • To make a payment, select the Pay icon
  • Select the e-Check payment option from the drop down menu 
  • By paying with an e-Check, the student has the option to store their checking / savings account information for any future e-Refund
  • Enter all requested payment information
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and the date of the payment
  • Agree to the ACH online terms
  • Payer has the option to store payment method
  • To view all stored payment methods, select the My Profiles tab then Payment Profile

Adding an Authorized User

  • Select the Authorized User tab within the e-Commerce System
  • Select Add an Authorized User
  • Enter the email address of the Authorized User
  • Choose your preference regarding the Authorized User's access to your account (view billing statement / view payment history)
  • Select Add User
  • Agree to the online terms and select Continue
  • Confirmation appears that the Authorized User has been added and instructions are sent to the Authorized User's email address

The Authorized User will receive an email notification that access was granted to the student’s account. For security reasons, a separate email is sent to the Authorized User containing the temporary password. When the Authorized User logs in for the first time, they will be instructed to edit their profile and create their own password.

Creating an e-Refund Profile

e-Refunds can only be processed to the Student's checking or savings account. The student must create a refund profile within the e-Commerce System in order to receive a direct deposit refund.

  • Under the Quick View section, select Create a Refund Profile tab
  • Select Payment Profile
  • Select Electronic Check under Add a Payment Method
  • Insert checking or savings bank account information
  • Select Refund Option
  • Save settings
  • Accept agreement with Loyola University New Orleans
  • Confirmation appears that your ACH payment method has been saved to your account for future ACH payments and refunds.

Students must still request a refund using the Online Refund Request Form. e-Refunds can only be processed to the student and only if the student has a checking or savings account stored within the e-Commerce system. No parent or 3rd party refunds are allowed through the e-Refund process. If the student has no e-Refund profile set up and a refund is due, a check will be mailed.

If you have any questions regarding the e-Commerce System, please contact the following offices:

Payment Information Bursar's Office (504) 865-2388
Billing Information Student Financial Services (504) 865-3337
Refund Information Student Financial Services (504) 865-3337
Enrollment Information Student Records (504) 865-3237
Scholarships & Financial Aid Scholarships & Financial Aid (504) 865-3231